Planning your outdoor spaces!

With so many of today’s new homes being built to incorporate gorgeous patio spaces, doesn’t it stand to reason that with a little thought and pre-planning these spaces can become an exciting extension of your home’s indoor space?

So, where do you begin, and how do you master the design of flowing your indoor and outdoor spaces together?  Here are a few things to take into consideration before creating the outdoor space of your dreams!

It all starts with a plan!

It’s generally a good idea to begin this process by first taking into consideration all the possible events your family will want plan for when they use your new outdoor haven.  Large gatherings and family events will call for one type of plan.  And conversely an outdoor space designed for two to relax and unwind, will dictate a totally different set of priorities.

As you consider all the activities you want to accommodate in your new outdoor space, you might consider creating specific spaces for specific events.  Activities such as outdoor cooking – on a grill or customized outdoor kitchen, might be best suited in one area…dining in another.  And just as on the inside your home, area rugs are a great way to help separate and definite spaces.  Today’s selection of outdoor area rugs is wide and varied – in many shapes, sizes and colors!

Secondly, creating the right landscape plan to surround your outdoor space is extremely important.    Shrubbery, flowers, and architectural accents, will all play an important part in the overall design as you finalize your landscape plan.  You’ll find that stonework and carpentry choices will be critical components to aid you in creating your perfect outdoor retreat.  Why not give special consideration to the plants you chose to surround your space?  Just think of the delicious scents you could add to your outdoor space with the right plantings!