Preparing your Patio for Fall!

Preparing your Patio for Fall!

Summer may be the most popular season to spend time outside, but many agree that fall is just as enjoyable – if not more. Who doesn’t love to sit around the fire in a cozy sweater and enjoy a hot seasonal beverage?

Take advantage of seasonal accents
One of the most beautiful aspects of fall is all of the gorgeous colors that accompany it. Changing fall foliage is a prime example of what Mother Nature has to offer during this transition, making outdoor spaces equally vibrant and cozy.  Take cues from nature and mirror these colors through accents along the patio.

Choose pieces that can transition from one season to the next.

 Use multifunctional furniture
Fall offers an opportunity to get comfortable outside, so make sure your outdoor furniture embraces this vibe. Invest in pieces that encourage your guests to come together and socialize. You can also benefit from pieces that are multifunctional – coffee tables, credenzas and other items that offer storage allow you to store accent pillows and cushions at night when the climate is less predictable.


Don’t forget the fall decor
Using seasonal accent colors throughout the space isn’t the only way to show your love for the new season. Consider taking a trip to your local market to grab a few decorations as well. Cornstalks, pumpkins and seasonal flowers are among the pieces that can transform your space with ease. You can also find pieces that make it easy to transition into Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Go beyond the patio
Your patio should be the main focal point of your backyard. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect the surrounding space. Take advantage of natural elements to extend the look beyond the deck.

Making the transition from summer to fall on the patio can be a little intimidating, especially if you’ve never made any significant adjustments in the past. If you need assistance during this time, contact Rebecca McInnis at RM Interiors from Decorating Den Interiors to help. We will come to your space for a free consultation to evaluate your outdoor living space and provide style tips based on the layout, current trends, your personal preferences and more. Once you have a plan in place, you can easily transition furniture and decor when the temperatures start to drop.

It might feel like summer just started, but autumn is right around the corner. Are you ready to get cozy around the fall foliage? Contact Rebecca McInnis, your local Decorating Den Interiors today.